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Every group, organization and institution relies on a leader to take employees or volunteers to new levels. Without leaders, every private concern, corporation, business, governmental entity and entrepreneurship would fail, as successful leaders, by many standards, delegate responsibilities and create an atmosphere where everyone can thrive. The following top 50 up-and-coming leadership blogs, created since January 2009, reflect that notion through leaders who blog, companies that train leaders and communities that maintain blogs to help promote growth.

The following blogs are categorized by year, and the links are listed by month of creation within those categories.


  1. LeaderFranklin Covey: Franklin Covey creates transformational leadership in people and organizations around the globe through training, executive coaching, and principle based programs (January).
  2. One Voice: A blog that reflects Florida’s online community’s voice in important state matters (January).
  3. 3 Threat Net: Alan Danielson is a pastor, and he currently is an independent small group ministry consultant and leadership coach with a passion for helping leaders achieve the highest levels of effectiveness (February).
  4. Amon Munyaneza: Amon has been involved in dynamic business development and leadership in education, finance, technology and medical service industries for more than fifteen years (February).
  5. John Maxwell Leadership Blog: John C. Maxwell is an internationally respected leadership expert, speaker, and author who has sold more than 19 million books (February).
  6. Bret L. Simmons: Dr. Simmons is passionate about leadership and management, with a purpose “to change your mind about the value of partnering with others to build healthy, responsible organizations where everyone can thrive.” (March).
  7. Entrepreneurship: Created by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, Entrepreneurship.org was formed as a free, online international resource designed to help build entrepreneurial economies (March).
  8. Innovation Leadership Network: The Innovation Leadership Network blog is written by Tim Kastelle and John Steen, members of the Technology & Innovation Management Centre in the School of Business at the University of Queensland (March).
  9. Campus Reform: This blog is designed to provide conservative activists with the resources they need to revolutionize the struggle against leftist bias and abuse on college campuses (April).
  10. Military LeaderDr. John McGinn: Dr. John’s coaching helps professionals and executives who struggle with stress management and life/work balance (April).
  11. Leader Talk: Mountain State University’s School of Leadership and Professional Development produces this blog to share visions and knowledge (April).
  12. CEO Global Network: This blog provides a forum for high-achieving CEOs and Executives to learn from each other and exchange best practice ideas and network (May).
  13. OAGi CEO Blog: This blog focuses on happenings with the Open Applications Group and other relevant events in the Open Standards World (May).
  14. McCombs Leadership Program: This blog reflects the leadership program sponsored by the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin (June).
  15. Keith Craft: This is a blog about leadership, led by Keith Craft. Keith Craft Leadership Shapers (KCLS) is an organization committed to the personal growth and development of leaders everywhere (July).
  16. Stephen Drain’s Leadership Blog: This blog is now listed as one of the top 25 management & leadership blogs of 2011 by Best Colleges. Stephen is director of the AUT University Centre for Innovative Leadership (August).
  17. Brian Dodd On Leadership: Brian is a church stewardship and leadership consultant who seeks to add value to leaders (October).
  18. Charlene Li: Charlene Li is the co-author of the bestseller Groundswell, author of the New York Times bestseller Open Leadership, and Founder of Altimeter Group (October).
  19. Religious LeaderSOMC Leadership Blog: Southern Ohio Medical Center (SOMC) is a 222-bed hospital in Portsmouth, Ohio, providing emergency and surgical care, as well as a wide range of other health-care services (October).
  20. UHN Nursing: This University Health Network blog for nurses is focused on a Toronto, Canada network of over 3,000 nurses working in a variety of practice areas (October).
  21. Leadership Freak: Dan Rockwell wants to help leaders reach higher goals in 300 words or less on a regular basis. This blog received a “Best of Leadership Blogs” for 2010 (December).


  1. The Hot Seat: The mission of The Women’s Conference has been to educate, inspire and empower women to be “Architects of Change.” Although conferences began in 2003, the blog began in 2010 (January).
  2. The Youth Leadership Blog: The Youth Leadership Blog is a youth ministry blog of The Salvation Army Australia Eastern Territory (January).
  3. inviteCHANGE: This blog is designed to inform and engage a community in useful conversation on everything pertaining to human and organizational wholeness (February).
  4. Centre for Creativity at City’s Blog: This is a new addition to City University London, set up to coordinate and promote research in the area of creativity and innovation in any and all professions and disciplines (March).
  5. Icon Women & Young People’s Leadership Academy’s Blog: The goal of the Women and Young People’s Leadership Academy is to pilot a new approach to building a multi-generational leadership cadre of men, women and young people (March).
  6. Call of the Wild Blog: Call of the Wild won the Leadership in Business Award at the Regional Business Awards in 2010, after blogging for only a few months. This operation is based in Wales (April).
  7. C Level Strategies and Visionary Leadership: Lisa Petrilli is Chief Executive Officer of C-Level Strategies, Inc., and has vast experience working with C-level executives (May).
  8. TeacherLincoln Leadership Institute Blog: The bloggers use Gettysburg and the Civil War as a metaphor, leading organizations toward success by developing leaders at all levels (May).
  9. Making a Difference: Wendy Hewlett is passionate about inspiring others to achieve their best and about helping others to succeed (June).
  10. Pro-Actions: Pro-actions are a team of proactive, committed, positive and successful people who are committed to working to ensure that everyone who comes into contact with their company is greatly benefited (June).
  11. Crowned Grace International: Crowned Grace works with our clients to develop, groom and empower their leaders by ensuring a strategic focus on the organization’s overall vision (July).
  12. University of St. Gallen MBA: Dr. Rob Straw is the Executive Director of the St.Gallen MBA, one of Europe’s leading MBA programs (July).
  13. Vail Leadership Blog: The purpose of this blog is open-source communication on Institute initiatives (July).
  14. Bob Prosen: This blog is specifically designed for small business owners as a place where they can learn step-by-step how to increase profitability through small business training (August).
  15. Jim Loveland’s Blog: Jim is the Xactware president and CEO. Xactware is a software and services provider for the property industry (September).
  16. Refuge Adult Leadership Blog: This is a blog for the adult leadership team of Refuge: Senior High at First Assembly of Lafayette (September).
  17. Art of Leadership: This blogger compiles a link to videos about leadership (October).
  18. BoehnerOrrin Woodward Leadership Team: This is the leadership blog of the 2010 International Association of Business Top 10 Leadership Guru Orrin Woodward. Ideas have consequences and the goal of this blog is to discuss ideas of consequence (October).
  19. Upon Reflection: Daniel Patrick Forrester is an author, thought leader, and management consultant with over fifteen years experience (October).
  20. World Wise Leadership Blog: The aim of the WWL is to “promote leadership that takes into account the good of all earth citizens” (October).
  21. Viterbo University’s Servant Leadership Blog: The Master of Arts in Servant Leadership at Viterbo University is the only master’s degree program of its kind in the country (November).
  22. Weaving Influence: This blog marked the start of a new chapter in Becky Robinson’s life. She focuses on leadership, social media, community and more (December).


  1. Amaxa Leadership Blog: If you would like to become more successful in your ministry or career as a leader, this blog might be for you (January).
  2. CEO Blog – Time Leadership: Jim Estill imparts his views on leadership, time management, personal development and life (January).
  3. CNMT Student Leadership: The Communications, New Media & Technology department at Roosevelt High School started this blog in 2011 (January).
  4. Lead Strategic: The goal for this site is not just to share theories and platitudes, but to provide real-value insights that can be plugged in to your everyday work situation (January).
  5. Propel Worship Leadership Seminar Blog: Propel is the 2011 worship leadership seminar hosted by “Worship the King” and “8 chords 100 songs” (January).
  6. Firm Ideas: The Yorkshire Leadership Group (UK) is an independent Yorkshire-based leadership development organization for SME business owners and senior directors (February).

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