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A team leader or team lead is person who gives guidance, instruction, direction, leadership to a group of individuals for obtaining result in aligned group. A team leader gives report to a project manager. A good team leader happened to caring and motivator for its entire team. Below is provided some excellent tips to become an effective team leader.

  • Remain Empowering as Well Flexible Too:  Sometimes while for getting a task accomplished, you need to become a bit stern and strict and empower  team member allowing them to make decisions, support training and make information available.  Meanwhile, you also need to be flexible as to share responsibility for team development and leadership.
  • You should be self sufficient to raise yourself: You should communicate regular with team as to build relationships and having feedback. As great team leaders seek out and respond to the opinions and advice of their team members.
  • Provide recognition and reward to your team: Every individual and team member looks for public appreciation for his achievements. So you being as a team leader should keep on rewarding a member that needs the appreciation most. This would help your team to perform in right and appropriate manner.
  • You should be kind as well as tough at the same time: Motivate your team through both kindness and through constructive feedback. You will need to challenge your team to improve their performance, but you also need to strive for good relationships with your team. Your team should be able to trust you and admire you as a person, not simply fear your discipline.
  • You should be a morale booster for team:  you should be morale booster for your team instead of hard headed. You ought to be caring and supportive if you need to uplift sprit of your team. Not only this, you should also be a person of high aspirations as your team expects from you to share your dream, vision and passions.
  • Should have an aptitude for people: As for handling task and work from your team you should be an exceptional leader and be highly interested in individuals and teams and be ready to develop relationships with people at all level and every situation. As better you are aware of your team as better you would be able to draw results from them.
  • Should have great listening skills: A leader should have great listening skills as you should able to understand what your team is expecting from you. As better you would be able to hear as better it would for you to take work from your team. With attentive listening like good eye contact, asking open –ended questions and paraphrasing suggestions makes you a good team leader.

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