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Leadership as on a broader perspective is known as process of social influence in which a person can have aid and support from others for achieving a common task. It is one of the most relevant aspects in organizational context. However, in whole leadership can be defined varyingly as depending upon situation. Below is provided an interesting list for open course wares.

  1. Governance and Leadership: This courseware is about the Governance and leadership with respect of shaping leadership in the public, voluntary and private sectors and differences for the interaction among the three sectors on public policy issues. The courseware is based upon a numbers of themes and like different types of leadership and the challenges of leadership, the role of sector specific paradigms into leadership in shaping leaders.
  2. Women of Past and Present:  This site is provided with biographies of women that contributed to human civilization in many a number of ways and are from different areas. These women are writer, educator, scientists, and heads of state, politicians, civil rights crusaders, artists, entertainers and others. Some of them were living hundreds of years ago and other is yet alive.
  3. Feminist Theory: The website provides research materials and information for students having scholarly interest in women conditions and struggle around the globe. The site is developed with objective to encourage and improve over research over feminist theory and to improve over dialogue among man and women from different countries.
  4. Leadership Tools and Team: In this class you will be creating a leadership development tool for students like yourselves in the leadership program at Sloan. This tool might be a coaching guide for second-year pilots, a leadership workbook for MBA students to use during their summer employment, a leadership assessment for club presidents or a workshop on networking. You will be free to choose the tool that you want to develop, but by the end of the class there must be a product that can be used at Sloan. In addition, the tools must link in some way to the leadership model used at Sloan.
  5. The Online Journal of Academic Leadership: This Journal of academic leadership is aimed towards   academic world that progresses society at large with its impact and sphere. It provides a good collection of articles and essays focusing over major issues related to leadership. The journal is edited by blind review process that is utilized in national and international editorial boards and peer reviews.
  6. Women in Leadership: This is one of its first online professional journals for women in leadership. The journal publishes manuscripts reporting, synthesizing, reviewing and analyzing scholarly inquiry focusing over women issues. These manuscripts are written by authors from all professional fields on women leadership issue.
  7. The International Electronic Journal for Leadership: This particular general is for promoting the study and substantive leadership issues of major concern in educational communities. Articles and features here are provided prominently with a focus over significant impact of education in schools. The Journal in its print form is imprinted by University of Calgary Press and is sponsored by Centre for Leadership in Learning and the Faculty of Education at the University of Calgary.

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